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Better air means better health. Reduce the risk of the spread of airborne viruses, mould issues, asthma and other respiratory problems, smoke, carbon monoxide and moisture buildup

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Look no further, we have you covered. SmartVent has the largest range of home ventilation products in NZ

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With some of the most advanced ventilation products, you’ll save money as well as your health

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Why ventilate my home?

Fresh air circulating in your home makes for a healthier living environment. Better air reduces the risk of being infected by viruses, mould issues, asthma and other respiratory problems, smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation, and moisture damage inside your home. With a heat exchanger, Auckland and NZ homes can save on energy costs while ensuring comfort throughout.

Learn more about harmful moisture & VOCs

What’s the best SmartVent for my home?

We have NINE SmartVent systems. While all provide better air for your home and better health for those inside your home, some offer additional features and benefits such as sensors to detect humidity, or use recovered energy to heat incoming air. Our team can advise on the best home ventilation system for your property and needs.

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Making Ventilation Affordable For Everyone

Choose a ventilation system company in NZ that can actually save you money in the long run.


“Thank you Smartvent, your team completed the installation quickly and efficiently. The difference is just what I had been hoping for. The air in my home is much dryer and no dew on the windows as of yet and we are having some cold damp weather now.”

“Had our SmartVent in a few weeks now and are loving it. We saw the difference it makes in the recent cold snap – no condensation on windows for the first time ever! (Ours is a 1900s cottage). We also have the tempering unit for winter and second air source for summer. The installer was brilliant.”

I find the air is better to breath, and my husband has noticed I am no longer sneezing. The best is that I no longer have crying windows after our latest 2 frosty mornings. Would reccomend it to anyone.. love being able to walk past the control panel and see the tempertature in the ceiling and in the room at a glance.

Got the Evolve system a year ago. Has stopped all the condensation in our house. We had dripping windows and walls during winter before installing.

Why choose SmartVent?

SmartVent provides reliable home ventilation to NZ, catering for homeowners and builders that value affordability, efficiency and comfort. Our intuitive systems are powered by progressive technology to maintain optimal air quality, providing an extra layer of protection against respiratory health threats and keeping the temperature just right all year round. We’re able to tailor our domestic ventilation services to suit any property, also specialising in heat recovery systems and heat transfer systems for your complete home comfort solution.

Making your ventilation systems installation a breeze

Did you know we take care of the end-to-end ventilation system installation? Our systems are recommended and installed by qualified electrical and HVAC contractors across New Zealand, and you can count on flexible services that fit around your lifestyle. So, we’ll get your ventilation system set up quickly, and you can enjoy the benefits for the long run.

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