Who Is Smartvent?

SmartVent is proudly owned by Simx, a business of the Volution Group. As a leading international designer and manufacturer of energy-efficient, indoor air quality solutions, Volution Group is committed to providing healthy air, sustainably.

Simx has evolved from its beginnings in security products to healthy home solutions and commercial ventilation products and is even more committed to innovation and excellence than ever before. Trusted by electricians and HVAC Industry professionals, our product range spans many markets including domestic, commercial and HVAC, with market leading brands such as Manrose, Vent – Axia, Simx, Alaskon and SmartVent denoting quality, service, and reliability.

As a leading supplier to the Australian and New Zealand Electrical and HVAC Industry for over 35 years, Simx is committed to the development of high quality products with features demanded by the market.

SmartVent home ventilation systems are recommended and installed by qualified electrical and HVAC contractors across the country.

Market feedback from these groups and consumers, along with ongoing investment in research and development has led to SmartVent having the most flexible, future-proofed home ventilation systems in the New Zealand market.


Volution Group plc, the parent company of Simx Ltd, have received the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark which is given to companies, or funds, that derive more than 50% of revenues from environmental solutions. Currently, less than 100 organisations have it and Volution Group plc are only the fourth Building Material’s Company to receive it.

The Mark recognises that Volution Group plc are contributing to the global green economy and helps the company emphasise to investors their commitment to support the transition to a sustainable, low carbon economy.

As part our sustainability initiative, we have introduced new SmartVent packaging made from recyclable and/or reusable New Zealand materials.

These can be recycled yourself, or, by returning all your SmartVent product packaging to your source of supply, we can then reuse, or recycle to reuse. Together we will be doing our small part to help achieve a sustainable living environment for us to enjoy today.